Lighting & Illumination Design in OpticStudio

This course provides a solid introduction to the OpticStudio non-sequential design environment, and is intended for those working on illumination systems or evaluating stray light in imaging systems. Attendees will acquire the skils to design, optimize and tolerance systems through hands-on examples and exercises that simulate actual design challenges.

Topics include:

  • Radiometry and photometry
  • Optimization of illumination systems
  • Tolerancing of illumination systems
  • Compound parabolic concentrators
  • Colorimetry
  • Source modeling
  • Uniformity simulation and optimization
  • Scattering and BSDF
  • Using measured source data
  • Stray light analysis
  • Working with CAD models

All courses have a minimum attendance requirement.  If the course cannot meet the minimum attendance, students will be notified of the course cancellation no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.                                                                   

Familiarity with illumination or imaging   systems is encoraged. No prior knowledge of OpticStudio required.          
Duration: 3 days


July 11 - 13 United Kingdom
August 22 - 26 Boston Area
October 19 - 21 United Kingdom