Fundamentals of Optics


This new introductory course is designed for engineers who need to use OpticStudio but have little or no background in optics. The course teaches basic concepts and prepares attendees for Optical System Design.

Topics include:

  • Light propagation & rays
  • Snell’s law
  • First order optics
    • Objects & images
    • Stops, entrance pupils & exit pupils
    • Paraxial approximations & raytracing
  • Overview on aberrations
  • Designing & optimizing simple systems

All courses have a minimum attendance requirement.  If the course cannot meet the minimum attendance, students will be notified of the course cancellation no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.                                                                    



This course is ideal for mechanical or electrical engineers, or those from other engineering disciplines, who need to understand basic concepts of optics and how to apply them within OpticStudio. 

Duration: 2 days


July 7 - 8 San Francisco Area
August 22 - 23 Boston Area
October 17 - 18      United Kingdom