LensMechanix 3.1 is now available.
  1. If necessary, uninstall your current version of LensMechanix.
  2. Get the new version: Download

Note: You need a license to activate LensMechanix. If you want to get a free trial, please fill out and submit the registration form. After you receive an email with your activation code, follow these instructions to activate your license.

What’s new in 3.1: 

  • Save mechanical components as CAD Part: SolidWorks in your output files to preserve design fidelity when sending designs to OpticStudio Premium users
  • Simplify your design workflow by loading non-sequential multiconfiguration designs into a SOLIDWORKS assembly
  • Assign scatter profiles to multiple components, or multiple surfaces of different components with one click
  • Load OpticStudio designs into SolidWorks up to 50% faster
  • Complete ray traces up to 20% faster
  • Add mechanical edges to lenses with the new Mechanical Edge tool in LensMechanix

Visit our video and written tutorials on packaging, analyzing, and validating optomechanical designs in LensMechanix.