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Optomechanical engineering just got a lot easier with LensMechanix, a new SOLIDWORKS add-in Zemax. Use this powerful ray tracing software to package, analyze, and validate your complete mechanical designs in SOLIDWORKS. LensMechanix uses the same Zemax physics core used by OpticStudio and relied on by NASA to analyze and validate your complete product designs.
  • Load optical systems designed in OpticStudio directly into a SOLIDWORKS assembly.
  • Design your mechanical geometry with actual lens dimensions, eliminating the need for STEP, IGES, or STL files.
  • Identify and eliminate problems with the mechanical geometry before you build a prototype or send the design to optical engineers to review.
  • Improve your workflow and reduce development iterations, so you get to market faster.
This full product trial comes with sample files so you can try out the software. You can also use your own OpticStudio files to create your own optomechanical designs.

The annual subscription price includes product enhancements, feature updates, and technical support throughout the year. A discount is available for 5 or more seats. An additional discount is available for 10 or more seats. You can purchase LensMechanix with a credit card or purchase order.

LensMechanix runs on Windows 7 or later and SOLIDWORKS 2015 or later.
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